Keyboard shift button multi function

Here are some tips about SHIFT button on your keyboard (Windows OS only), for me these tips is very helpful.

  • Hold down SHIFT when inserting flash disk to your PC ot Laptop, this action prevent autorun virus from flash disk.
  • Hold down SHIFT when deleting file, so the file you are deleted will not be on the recycle bin, lost immediately.
  • Hold down SHIFT when booting, this action make booting faster.
  • Hold down SHIFT repeated until you heard beep, this action will perform StickyKeys.


Rizky2009 said...


friend aq sudah atu info itu sob.. tapi nice dah postingnya penting buat yang belum tau..

selamat hari raya idul fiti mohon maaf lahir dan bati.. d tunggu coment dan folow baliknya kalau sempat

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